Solutions for the Workplace

Much of the material in this product is derived from the published works of L. Ron Hubbard on administrative technology. This administrative technology has a highly successful history and is currently used in many thousands of successful companies.

It began in 1950 when Mr. Hubbard realized from his experience with many organizations is that what passed for administration was inconsistent and arbitrary, Mr. Hubbard turned his attention to this area and wrote the first of many papers on the subjects of management and organization. His first book on the subject, How to Live Though an Executive, published in 1953, recognized that the true role of an executive in any organization was to plan and supervise, and it detailed a communication system to improve any office or organization. Three years later, his book The Problems of Work isolated the problems encountered on the job by everyone, from worker to Chief Executive Officer, and presented methods anyone could use to regain his or her enthusiasm for work.

In 1965, after years of research into the forms and functions of organization, Mr. Hubbard announced his development of the seven-division organizing board, a major breakthrough that presented the most successful administrative pattern of operation for any group of any size. These seven divisions, each divided into departments, encompass all the actions that are performed or should be performed in any organization. Indeed, this organizational breakthrough, when correctly applied, ensures the continued success and stable expansion of organizations. This product incorporates some of the administrative technology of this seven division organizing board.

The full body of this work can be found in the 12 encyclopedia-sized volumes comprising the Organization Executive Course, and the Management Series volumes. Contained in these volumes is technology that guarantees the survival and growth of groups from the small to the enormous, as has been proven in recent decades by thousands upon thousands of companies and groups in countries throughout the world.